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Holiday Lighting

Our Christmas lighting stands out from all others!  Our highly skilled and experienced crews wrap strands of lights around tree trunks and individual branches to turn your yard or commercial site into a Winter Wonderland.  For commercial developments Christmas lights are installed by November 15th and removed by January 15th.  The lights will be supplied and stored by Evolution Landscape & Nursery Inc.  For residential homes, Christmas lights are installed by December 1st and removed by January 5th.  Lights are provided by individual owners or can be purchased through Evolution Landscape & Nursery.

Boise Holiday and Christmas Light Installation and Decorating Services

Evolution Landscape & Nursery Holiday Lighting provides professional holiday and Christmas light installation, decorating and design services for residential and commercial customers in the greater Boise Idaho Valley and Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Whether you are looking for an interesting new holiday light display, want to avoid dealing with the hassles of holiday light installation or simply don’t have the time or energy to hang Christmas lights, our holiday lighting installation services can make your home or business sparkle and can provide the perfect finishing touch to your holiday season.

Our holiday lighting stands out from our competition because we take the time to wrap lights around the trunk and individual branches of trees.  Turn your home or business into a winter wonderland with our stand out designs!

  • Christmas Lighting design and Installation services- Enhance your home or business with a professional Christmas light display and let us handle all Christmas light installation and design.
  • Free Removal of Holiday Lights and Decorations - Our full service holiday light installation includes free take-down and removal when the holidays are over.
  • Holiday Lighting & Decorating Materials Supplied – No need to shop.  We provide all lights, decorations and other necessities (including extension cords, clips, hangers and timers).  We take the worries out of the holiday decorating process.
  • Prompt Service  – We offer prompt set up and take down of holiday lighting displays. 
  • Green Holiday Lighting Options – We offer eco-friendly LED holiday lights that use less energy, saving you money on your electric bills.  LEDs are also better for the environment!
  • Residential Christmas Lighting Services – We offer outdoor holiday light installation including home and roof outlines, trees and landscaping. 
  • Commercial Holiday Lighting Services – We create commercial holiday lighting displays for store fronts, strip malls, shopping centers, condominium complexes, housing developments, corporate complexes, large and small businesses, and restaurants.
  • Professional Holiday Lighting Services


Please reserve your holiday light installation by October 15th for best service,

From simple sparkle to extravagant displays, we look forward to lighting up your holiday season.


Holiday lighting